Craft Fueled By Passion

As the largest independent lab network owned by independent eye care providers in the United States, Artisan Lab Network (ALN) provides unmatched industry solutions and support to independent eye care practices helping them to remain competitive against big box corporations that pretend to be partners while competing against them at every turn. 

Our Craft

The Art of Prescription Eyewear

We’re an independent lab with a fierce passion for pursuing excellence and pure artistry in each pair of glasses we make. Our team’s expertise includes every level of lens manufacturing from thin film coating applications and lens design to the craft of edging and digital surfacing. We amplify our art with our drive to use the latest, most advanced technology in the industry.

About ALN

Artisan Lens Partners

We proudly offer a wide selection of lens designs from the name brands you know and love. Our strong relationships with vendors and our agile approach to business allows us to source an incredible variety of designs.

Top Creative Talent

Our inspired team infuses our culture with creativity. We’re more than just skilled technicians; we’re real artisans. ALN’s team strives for excellence in every lens we manufacture and create. Our passion keeps us honest and our dedication pushes our pursuit of perfection.

Join Our Team

Upgrade Your Lab Experience and Join the Revolution

Enhance your patients’ outlook on life with impeccably crafted, perfectly fitting lenses. Take a stand for quality and partner with ALN in your pursuit of excellence.

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